Hello!  Thank you for stopping by to check me out!  My name is Donna Santi and I am the owner and photographer at Snapbean Photography.  I opened the studio doors in Gallatin, Tennessee in March of 2013 and God has poured out His blessings on me by sending me the most amazing clients and so many unexpected blessings that one could ever hope, dream or imagine for!  I fall in LOVE with every family that walks through the doors!  In August of 2022, God continued me on my journey and I opened a second studio in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where I have lived the past three years.  In September of this year, I closed my Gallatin studio to concentrate fully on my Murfreesboro studio and all the amazing clients I serve!


I married an amazing, Godly man in May of this year, Bill.  I celebrate him and our marriage every day.  I have discovered that love isn’t about finding somebody to live with, it’s about finding someone you can’t live without. I have had the most amazing year with him and we look forward to many days of joy, happiness, travels, and enjoying our 14 grands!  My heart is full of the goodness he has brought into my life. I’m the happiest me when I’m with him!

I am Nana to eight of the most awesome tiny humans (grandchildren); Hadley, Landon, Harper, Kinley, Cameron, Beckham, Alayah and Easton!! I am mom to four amazing and crazy kids! I love to dream big, live life a tad bit dangerously and in full speed! I love watching moose and bison. I love to travel and always have my suitcase packed. There's nothing like a roadside picnic, hanging out with friends and family, being around anyone or anything that is positive and brings a sweet smile to my face, and squeezing time in for reading!! The perfect day - 65 degrees, sunshine, sitting on my back covered patio spending time with God! And of course, I always have camera in hand...JUST in case!! I never feel a bit guilty for enjoying my caffeine. I am a recovering perfectionist! 

I am a lover of Jesus, who made all of this possible, I’m saved by His grace and mercy, I love Mexican food, back porch sitting in the rain, good ole' Southern sweet tea, and all things related to travel!  I love being in the outdoors, piddling around at home, trying my hand at gardening, and spending as much time as possible creating memories with my grandchildren! I do not like to be on the other side of the camera and rarely have photos taken of myself!  It seems more difficult for me than most!  :) But when I did (October 2021 with Bill), I was very nervous!  :)

I have a bucket list that I'm working really hard to get accomplished before I'm too old to enjoy or remember! I have traveled to all 50 states and three countries.

I am a dreamer who always gets bogged down with the details of life. I've experienced a lot of heartache in my life, but like to think that somehow it expanded my soul! I found freedom in God and His amazing grace and redemption!  I greatly enjoy creating tasty meals, and bringing festivity into my home through seasonal decor and music, art and candles. I do not change gears easily! I'm always trying to balance it all…the good, bad and ugly. And, Lord, have I been through some ugly! But, God...God has always sustained me!

I pull from an all consuming, untamed, full out raging Grace that found me at my worst and overshadowed my failures with Love, Mercy and Purpose. I’ll tell you what I see, if you ask me, and sometimes when you don't. I revisit my darkest days to find those who are still there, then I show them how to get out. I am forgiven. I am always thankful that God is SO in love with me!! I love Jesus and am amazed at His integrity; He is the center of my heart and the passion of my life. Jesus is the focus of my life and letting people off the hook is my new norm! It has been life-saving to forgive those who have hurt and mangled me, and my children, emotionally, mentally and physically.

I love Jesus, my grandbabies and hot glue...and in that order! You could describe me as a highly distractible individual. That’s the downside of being really creative. The ideas come too quickly and I don’t complete one before the next one entices me. It’s a sickness. I love being out in beauty and enjoy writing. Reading is a passionate drive and I love to think and learn as well as to engage in lots of thoughts, ideas and discussions. I appreciate loving friends, kindness, courage and thoughtfulness. I know that what I do, each and every day, matters to God—whether it’s in a meeting, behind a desk, in front of a computer, around the dinner table with my family, out in the community, or at church, God cares about it. My wonderful children have become my soul mates and dearest friends. 

Changing gears in mid-life has been a thrill and so rewarding!! I have always loved photography and capturing moments that tell such a sweet and awesome story for a lifetime! God has blessed me more than I ever deserved and will carry me as far as He intends for me to go in my new endeavor!! Exciting is an understatement!! 

Super excited to see where God takes me in this next chapter of my life! To say that my life has purpose and meaning, and I'm able to fully live the life that God intended me to live, is an understatement. To be trapped in bondage with the devil is miserable! The devil has stolen many years and memories from me, but God...God said that he would pay me back for anything that was stolen!!! I am truly living my best life now!!! Thank you, GOD!

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

I am a fully insured photographer, licensed by the city of Gallatin and Sumner County, Tennessee, and by the city of Murfreesboro and Rutherford County, Tennessee.  My photography studio is located in the charming, historic city of Murfreesboro. I have recently branched out in Rutherford County and have discovered a new arsenal of amazing and beautiful venues to photograph at!  I specialize in maternity, newborn, children and family photography and believe in capturing the essence of childhood playfulness and innocence. I LOVE to photograph high school seniors, but don't get the chance as often as I would like due to my demanding schedule with the little ones.  I have photographed hundreds of newborn babies and have undergone extensive training on photographing newborns, especially newborn safety, as well as receive ongoing training throughout each year.

My new studio is amazing and I have an extensive collection of beautiful gowns for our expectant moms to wear, have every type and color of hat, hair bow, halo, bonnet, outfit, stuffer, blanket, fabric, wrap, and backdrop one could ever want, need or imagine and  provide everything for your newborn session.  You bring your sweet baby, sit back, relax and watch the magic take place!

To schedule your photo session, or if you have any questions and would like additional information, email me at [email protected] or call the studio at 615.206.8183. It would be my pleasure to speak with you.

Donna Clemons, Owner/Photographer/Graphic Designer


Additional Credentials:

  • Member of Professional Photographers of America since 2013
  • Member of the Gallatin Chamber of Commerce
  • Winner of the 2019 Main Street Awards for Best Photography in Sumner County
  • Runner Up of the 2018 and 2020 Main Street Awards for Best Photography in Sumner County