Snap{its} - What in the world is this?

A Snap{its} session is a quick, and we mean really quick, session where we use the same white seamless backdrop and chair each month (as depicted in the image above) at each session.  We photograph these sessions anytime we have an opening and it is convenient for you.  The session is for one child.  This is a great way for you to document your child's growth without the expense of a full session.  We photograph children from four weeks up to the child fitting in the chair.

Why would I want a Snap{its} session?

How fun will it be to look back at your baby's first year and see the growth from month to month?!  Snap{its} are available for kiddos starting at four weeks and as long as they can fit in the chair, they can Snap{it}, so they are great for bigger kids too! 

  • Did your toddler get an adorable hair cut? Snap{its}!
  • Do you need a photo for birthday party invitations for your 3-year old? Snap{its}! 
  • Does your baby start kindergarten this month? Snap{its}! 
  • Did your 6-year old lose his first tooth this month? Snap{it}s! 
  • Is the last day of school coming up? Snap{its}! 

The reasons are endless to Snap{its} the occasion! 


How much is my Snap{its} session and what do I receive?

You will receive one (2) digital images for your Snap{its} session. The cost of the session is $35!


When will my Snap{its} session be held and what are the times?

You schedule your Snap{its} sessions whenever it is convenient for you and the studio has availability.


Where is my Snap{its} session held?

Your Snap{its} session will is held at our beautiful studio located at 131-B South Water Avenue in Gallatin, Tennessee.


I have two/more children, can I get a Snap{its} image of each of them?

Yes, certainly!  You'll simply purchase 2 "tickets" when booking your appointment; each child is $35 a Snap{its}.


Can I book a sibling portrait of my two/more children together?

You will need to book a Snap{its} for each child, as these are set up for one child only in the image. Every child will be photographed individually and will not be photographed together. 


I want to book a sibling portrait of my children together, but I can’t see the option to add this on?

Unfortunately, sibling portraits are unavailable at your Snap{its} session. It sounds like a full session would be perfect for you! We would love to talk to you about a sibling or family portrait session to capture a beautiful portrait of your children together, and your whole family, too.


I didn’t receive my confirmation email?

Uh oh, this is very serious, it’s possible that you’ve entered your email address incorrectly when booking your time slot – because we use the same email address to mail out the portraits after your shoot, it’s super important that it’s correct when you book. Contact [email protected] for help.


When will my image be sent?

You will be emailed a link to your image(s) in a personal gallery 8-10 business days after your Snap{its} session (hopefully sooner). If you haven’t received your photo back by the 11th business day after your session, please contact us at [email protected]


I’d love to have a family portrait taken, can I get a photo of me and the kids at my Snap{its} session?

No, the Snap{its} are for individual, kid-only photos in a very specific style.  These are to document your child's growth in a fun and inexpensive way, or just for a quick 'snap' to capture this time in their life. For more options in your portrait style, you would need to book a full family portrait session.


I’m not super happy with my Snap{its} shot. Can I get another one?

Sure you can, next month!
We can promise you that we will do everything possible to coax out a sweet smile or capture an innocent look. (Parents, please remember that all kids don't feel like smiling all the time and truly, some of the most beautiful shots we've ever captured are when kids have a natural expression! Take this moment in your child's life for what it is and don't force it.) It is the nature of a super special like the Snap{its} that your image may not be 100% to your liking.  We have offered these at such an amazing value that you aren't out much if your child just doesn't feel like smiling at your Snap{its} session. Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of the product, there is no opportunity to replace your photo or to view others. It is important to trust the skills of your photographer and understand that they have taken and chosen the best possible shot for you from the day.


I would love to see more shots from my Snap{its} session; my baby was so cute! I’m happy to pay extra.

You sound like the ideal person to invest in a custom portrait photography session with Snapbean Photography. During your session, your photographer will create a full array of gorgeous portraits for you.  You can review all of our packages and pricing on our website at

There is no opportunity to view other photos from your Snap{its} session.


My baby is two weeks old, is the Snap{its} session ok to book for him?

Newborn babies are our most special clients and require extra special handling. A typical newborn session lasts approx. 2 hours to achieve the perfect poses, and we are happy to spend that time with them at their regular newborn session.  Don't miss the amazing opportunity you have to capture those first few days of your newborn's life. You cannot get those moments back, and they are only little for a very little time! You can review all of our packages and pricing on our website at
We cannot photograph any baby under four weeks old at the Snap{its} session. (Babies who are not old enough to sit themselves will be laying in the chair. The purpose is to watch how small your child is and how much they grow. They may only be able to lay in the chair this month, but by next month they may be sitting up by themselves and you'll have it captured!)


I have booked my Snap{its} session, but now I can't make it! What do I do?

No worries! We're happy to move your appointment and there is a $25 reschedule fee that you will be invoiced for. Please note that sessions are non-refundable. However, rescheduling will transfer your session fee to your new booking date with your $25.00 reschedule fee.  You cannot reschedule your session if you do not notify the studio at least 24 hours prior to your session.

I've booked a Snap{its} session, but my child woke up sick today!

Please, DO NOT attend your session at the studio if your child is sick. We ask that you please consider the health of the other children around you and the photographers, who are independent business owners with a full schedule! ;) Unfortunately, your session fee is not refundable in this instance as it is too late to fill the spot another baby might have enjoyed. Think of it like this, if you had tickets for a concert, you wouldn't get a refund if you were unable to attend. If you know ahead of time, we are happy to reschedule your session to the next month of Snap{its} sessions! Please email us at [email protected] 


It's Snap{its} day and we are running late! What do we do?

Since Snap{its} sessions are just like any other scheduled session at a certain time, you must be at the studio prior to your session so that your child is dressed and ready at their scheduled time.  


How long will our appointment take?

The beauty of Snap{its} session is the quick nature of it! It only takes us a few moments to capture your Snap{its} image. Because we only need two cute photos of your child, as soon as that has been captured, we'll be finished.